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Over the last 20 years, 585 nm lasers have been commonly used in aesthetics and
dermatology for skin and vascular treatments. Indeed, 585 nm dye lasers are considered the gold standard for these applications. In spite of all this, so far the diffusion of 585 nm lasers has however been always limited because of their running costs and for the resulting post-treatment purpura, which is no longer an outcome accepted in aesthetics and dermatology procedures.

The 585, and its innovative D-wmopsTM (Differential - Wavelength Modified Optically Pumped Semiconductor) technology, is the first laser able to emit the same wavelength of a Dye laser, in both continuous or pulsed modes. This allows treatments to be performed with no purpura and without any maintenance and consumable costs!

Focussing handpieces

Available in various dimensions for the treatment of small round and linear lesions.


The optional OptiScan Scanner provides the automatic coverage of the skin surface for the easy and precise treatment of extensive vascular lesions or dyschromic and aged skin. OptiScan represents the most advanced scanner device available thanks to its touch screen, the easy maintenance and the quantity of patterns, that can be generated in different modes from linear to random to improve safety while treating also very dense targets.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 580 ± 6 nm
Power (nominal) up to 5W
Emission mode CW



Pulse duration 0.25 ÷ 8.000 ms
Repetition rate 0.08 ÷ 2000 Hz
Aiming beam Red, class 3R
Laser delivery Optical fiber
Spot size 0.5; 1; 1.5; 3 mm
User interface Touchscreen
Electrical requirements 100 – 240 Vac; 50/60 Hz; 350 VA

Indications for Use Scanner Optiscan (Optional)

Number of patterns 8
Max scan dimension up to 18 x 18 mm
Spot size 1 mm
Fill modes Linear, spread, spread half, random
User interface Touchscreen

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