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Aesthetic Device Supplier Revolutionizes Cosmetic Industry with Unique Approach

Press Release

LOS ANGELES, California — (PRNEWSWIRE) — Jul. 28, 2021—Private Practice Solutions LLC (PPSlasers.com), consults and supplies, cutting-edge, aesthetic and medical devices from leading manufacturers, both domestic and foreign (such as ConMed, Zimmer MedizinSystems, Medicreations, F Care Systems and more).

Working in alignment with aesthetic device manufactures, PPSlasers.com has quickly gained market share in the US and globally, establishing the company as a major competitor in the aesthetic industry; with core customer base comprising mainly of Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Med Spa clinics.

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In a recent interview, Sheldon Collins, Founder and CEO of PPSlasers.com, comments about new trends in the aesthetic industry, as well as attributes the company’s success by primarily focusing on customer relations and remaining brand agnostic.
“I believe solutions for our customers is all about putting them first – which entails going around the world and looking for the best manufacturers, the best products, and to think about the whole experience that the customer is going to have in using our products over several years.”

With the US aesthetic device market on track to register a 11% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the next five years, PPSlasers.com is excited about the industry’s growth, and even more excited about servicing the global opportunity, which market size is estimated to reach $64 billion this year.

According to the e-commerce and marketing team at PPSlasers.com, the company’s unique product portfolio targets the most popular requested cosmetic treatments by patients in various markets, and offers providers in those markets, best-in-class technology to meet their patient’s needs; all at a cost which allows providers to realize profits faster than their competitors.

Examples of treatments which PPSlasers.com provides solutions for include unwanted hair and tattoo removal, excess cellulite and fat removal, anti-aging treatments, skin tightening, pigment and vascular lesion removal; all used for beautification, correction, and improvement of the skin and body.

Product information, pricing and online video demonstrations for aesthetic providers may be found at the company’s online shop.