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Muscle Toning    Muscle Recovery       Non-Invasive       Non-Surgical     
  No Consumables or Disposables

The MediMuscle technology is one of the most versatile devices available on the marketplace. The system delivers electric muscular stimulation, which is a non-invasive procedure for men and women that may build muscle toning. By effecting muscular contraction, the muscle tissue responds with deep remodeling of its inner structure, which may build and tone the body.


Muscle Recovery: 1 Treatment (Core) – 15-30 min, 4 Treatment Protocol (Core).

Muscle Toning: Buttock & Facial Muscle Toning, No downtime, No pain, Non-Invasive & Non-Surgical.

All Skin Types, 60,000 muscle contractions in 30 min txt session.

EMS Technology, plus IR energy.

Pre-treatment relief creates more receptive muscle.

Post-relief will ease the stretching feeling of the muscle post-treatment.

Treatment may also improve fat and cellulite reduction.


Includes 6 applicators: 4 applicators for the core/back/buttocks, 2 for facial tightening, which all may fire simultaneously or separately with EMS and IR energy.

2 IR wavelengths (640 and 810) are included on all applicators, IR wavelengths aim at different target layers of tissue, enabling pre- and post-relief treatment.

Shockwave Handpiece Speed: Up to 21Hz

Technical Specifications
Technical Data Power 300W
Shockwave Frequency 1—21Hz Energy: 60/90/120/185mj
Shockwave Pulse Therapy Upto 2/Hz
Shocks Minimum 2.000.000
EMS Energy 0—0.6 J/S
EMS Frequency 38hz
Wavelength 620nm & 810nm
IR Wavelength 620nm & 810nm
Power 300W
Energy 60/90/120/185mj
EMS Contractions 60,000 in 30 min cycle

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