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Transform The Skin At The Deepest Level With HydroSonic Infusion™.

For some people it does. After all, many, perhaps even most, non-invasive aesthetic treatments are short-term and affect only the very surface of the skin. Greater efficacy usually means high-intensity lasers. Needles. Knives. In other words: pain, complication, and long recovery times. The MediClear is a device engineered from the ground up to enhance the benefits of non-invasive beauty treatments while shedding the downsides of more invasive procedures.

The device’s innovative HydroSonic Infusion™ technology allows any esthetician to deliver beneficial liquid solutions through the surface of the skin to affect the deepest level of the skin. Penetrating that outer protective layer means solutions simply work better, last longer, and have the absolute best chance of affecting change in a patient’s appearance.

MediClear μ C:

A full-powered microcurrent roller with a detachable head, with two available sizes. Not only does the current that runs through the roller provide lift and plumpness to the skin—it widens pores to enhance the effectiveness of Sonic Injection. Note that the MediClear μ C does not penetrate the skin, and is not an invasive tool with a 5mm needle depth.

MediClear Inject:

True software-controlled sonic injection is available to estheticians for the first time through the MediClear Inject handpiece. Ultrasonic pressure is utilized to push vitamins, antioxidants, acids, and many other topical solutions deep into the skin, up to 3mm. The delivery utilizes the skin’s natural pores, but the pressure also creates holes about 150 microns in diameter to aid in product absorption—a size smaller than a human hair.

MediClear Ice:

The attached cooling handpiece is ideal for shrinking pores after treatment, as well as reducing inflammation. The MediClear Ice can reach temperatures of -5°C, excellent for soothing skin or numbing a target area.

Why Aesthetic Providers invest in the MeDinjecT...

Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages a software-controlled injector has over purely mechanical ones.

With the MediClear, you completely control the intensity of any treatment or session.

Set how deep every injection goes. How fast the injector shoots. How much solution is delivered.

You can adjust it all via the touchscreen interface for whatever solution you want to apply.

By customizing each session, you’ll be able to deliver ideal treatment outcomes for your patients and get them feeling amazing both after treatment and during.

The MediClear’s HydroSonic Infusion™ is the perfect technology to provide truly effective, non-invasive beautification.

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