Exovex Revive


Exovex REVIVE is our 5 billion Exosomes serum packaged in 2.0 mL volume vial. This is our ideal concentration/volume of precision growth factors for face maintenance and under eye treatment.

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Perfectly balanced with a stabilized, naturally secreted growth factor blend. Exovex REVIVE complements post microneedling aesthetic maintenance and under eye services, assisting in reduced downtime with an improvement of the appearance of a youthful skin glow.

Instructions for Use

  • Exovex is a topical cosmetic product.
  • Exosomes are 70-100nm lipid vesicles produced by human placental-derived MSC (mesenchymal stem cells) cultured and processed at a cGxP compliant laboratory facility using xeno-free products (free of animal sourced products).
  • Exovex is an acellular product (contains no cells or DNA).
  • Each Exovex lot is tested for sterility and endotoxin content as per and .
  • Each Exovex lot is manufactured under aseptic conditions and sterile filtered through 0.22.m membrane filtration.
  • Exovex exosomes are characterized quantitatively via Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis and Next Generation Sequencing for a full analysis of particle size and concentration, all RNA species and all functional components present, providing the most comprehensive evaluation of safety and efficacy available anywhere in the world.
  • Placental tissue is recovered with donor consent and in accordance with AATB recovery standards. The placental tissue has been deemed free from risk factors for, and clinical evidence of, infection due to relevant communicable diseases and other disease conditions by a licensed medical physician as per a review of the donor records, including medical/behavior risk assessment, medical records, and a recent physical examination.
  • The donor has been tested for, and found nonreactive/negative, for the following communicable disease markers using FDA-approved diagnostic tests: HIV1&2 Plus O, HIV NAT, Hepatitis B Core Total Ab, Hepatitis B Surface Ag, HBV NAT, Hepatitis C Virus Ab, HCVNAT, HTLV I/II Ab, Syphilis, CMV Total Ab, WNV NAT


  • Exovex must be kept frozen until ready for use at -20°C in a medical grade freezer for up to one year.
  • If needed to keep longer than one year, Exovex can be kept frozen at -80°C until expiration date indicated on the label.
  • Once thawed, the product cannot be refrozen and must be used within 8 hours.
  • Do not refreeze the product
  • Do not dilute the product


  • Exosomes are fragile nanoparticles and require gentile manipulation
  • If product is stored at -80C, please bring the temperature of the product up to -20 by storing it in a freezer for 24 hours prior to thawing. This will make sure the vials are not damaged due to rapid increase in temperature.
  • Allow frozen product 15 minutes to thaw prior to usage. It is recommended to thaw the product by gently holding it in the hand for 5 minutes without shaking or rolling the vial.
  • Remove the product from the vials either by pouring it slowly or drawing it gradually with a 16 or 18 gage needle


  • Exosomes are fragile nanoparticles and require gentile manipulation
  • Strict aseptic handling and technique must be used at the application site.
  • Do not use if the integrity of packaging has been damaged or mishandled in a way that could cause possible contamination.
  • The product must be disposed of past the stated expiration date.
  • Used product packaging, unused remaining product, and expired product must be disposed in accordance with applicable local,state, and federal regulations.
  • Do not apply product to areas of active infection or disease.
  • Product should not be used on individuals who are immune-compromised or using immunosuppressant drugs.
  • Do not use product if a turbid appearance is noted upon thawing.