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Our Story

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PPS was founded in 2012 in California based on the premise that as an independent agent, our team could identify and sell the best-in-class devices and products while offering a more attractive financial ROI to the practitioner.
Unlike large, energy based device manufacturers, who must report to shareholders, and have an internal process and politics, which slows down innovation and reacting to market trends, PPS hand-selects the most cutting edge technology, which best serves our clients.

How We're Different

Due to the fact that PPS is independent of the manufacturers means that we have the unique opportunity to provide unbiased consultation, which allows us to meet and exceed our customer's product needs and budget.

Our clients realize better financial returns by not absorbing the premium charges that manufacturers must pass along to their customers in order for them to support a larger and more expensive sales force.

In short, PPS works as an agent for our customers versus an employee for the manufacturer, which allows us to always put our customer’s needs first.

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