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Multi-polar RF     Ultrasound       Oxygen Spray Gun       Electro ION, Cold & Hot Treatments

The MediSpa is the only all in one technology that not only cleanses and infuses proprietary serums into the skin for hydration and collagen enhancement, but also has the ability to tighten the skin and hydrate the skin with Ultrasound, RF and Oxygen spray built into the same device. This is truly the ultimate device for estheticians.

Product Demo – 5 min

Product & Company Overview

The MediSpa is an innovative, first of its kind, esthetician friendly, platform device, designed to improve the overall health and vitality of skin. It cleanses, peels , and tightens to uncover a new layer of youthful radiant skin.


  • Exfoliate, Extract, Infuse Serums
  • RF Handpiece - six polar
  • Ultrasound Handpiece - 1MHz
  • Electro ION Handpiece
  • Cold & Hot treatment Handpiece
  • Oxygen Sprayer Handpiece

Technical Specifications

Hydra-Dermabrasion Yes
Quantity of Serum Bottles 3
Ultrasound Handpiece Yes
Bi-Polar RF Handpiece Yes, 6 Contact Points
Spray Handpiece (i.e. Oxygen) Yes
Electro ION, Cold & Hotd Yes

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