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Lasers and PDT lights     Complements use of Minoxidil     Easy to Operate       Comfortable Treatment        Process Remarkable Results

Accelerates blood circulation to improved collagen fiber regeneration and increased metabolism

A 650nm laser and 630nm PDT are utilized to enhance Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) activity in subcutaneous tissue. ATP is the main energy transmission medium between cells to encourage tissue metabolism.
The 650nm laser and 625nm PDT stimulate blood flow and carry both oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, while an 808nm laser aids penetration - all of which greatly reduces the progression of hair loss.

Hair follicle Modulation

The MediHair narrows light wavelengths and delivers EMS (electro-magnetic stimulation) to activate hair follicles, turning 80% from hibernation to active status to both stop hair loss and restore lost hair.

Oil Secretion Regulation

Excessive oil secretion also causes hair loss. Overactive or abnormal sebaceous glands secrete excessive amounts of oil, while Dihydro Testosterone Cave (DHT) in sebaceous gland oil causes hair follicle dwindling or even shrinking, thereby causing hair loss.
The MediHair Rejuvenation dredges sebaceous gland ducts, decreasing and controlling oil
secretion for improved hair condition.

Scalp Health Promotion for Improved Hair Quality

MediHair composite hair mask treatment irradiates hair follicles, accelerates hair growth,
strengthens hair elasticity and increases hair density for maximum shine.
The MediHair Rejuvenation dredges sebaceous gland ducts, decreasing and controlling oil
secretion for improved hair condition.

Nutrient Absorption

The MediHair is a cold light source that doesn't damage hair, using neither chemicals nor drugs yet penetrating is better either one.
It overcomes the weakness various hair fluid chemicals face in being unable to fully penetrate the hair follicle root.

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Technical Specifications

NameMild Laser Hair Regrowth Machine
ProductMulti—Functional Shape Device
Maximum Power Consumption900W
Classification (EN6060l-1)Class 1, Type BF
VacuumMax Vacuum: 350mmHg
RFFrequency: 1.2M Hz Bipolar, Multi Polar, Max 50W
Light TherapyLED Therapy: Red LED (630nm), Blue LED (430nm)
Vacuum ModesContinuous, Pulse 1-7, Super Pulse
Ultrasound Frequency36Khz
Laser power output650nm diode laser 320mw
808nm IR laser 2200mw
LED power output630nm Red cool light 1000mw

460nm Blue Cool light 1000mw

580nm Yellow Cool light 2000mw

Treatment Time0-60min
Pulsing time range1-10s
Pulsing delay range0-10s
Input Power200w
LCD Screen8-inch multi-colour touch screen
Device Dimension1650*550*500 mm
Package Dimension1650*580*580 mm
Input voltage ratingAC11OV 10%,60Hz

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