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Better Absorption Of Liquids     No Injuries, Broken Needles, Cross Contamination, Abcesses From Needles     Comfortable Treatment Experience        Easy, Quick Treatment        UpTo 600 Injections Per Hour        Intradermal, Subq & Intramuscular Injections        Accurate Dosage & Volume Adjustable

No-needle Mesotherapy adopts the technology of negative vacuum pressure suction with both shallow and deep injection. This technique allows skin to recover and stimulate the collagen production by driving nutrients to the skin. The MediTherapy No-needle Mesotherapy has instant results with facial tightening, wrinkles reduction, balancing skin tone, hydration all while reducing the effects of aging.

Meditherapy Demonstration



No needle MediTherapy is an updated technology to the traditional needle injection system. It reaches cellular structures and not only provides important active ingredients, but also contributes to improved oxygenation with a long-lasting effect, all without needles and painless.
The system works without direct skin contact and produces a light, pleasantly cool massaging pressure on the surface of the skin. The treatment creates deposits in the deepest skin layers. These encourage cell division permanently and ensure sustainably improved skin appearance. A tightening of the natural structures of the skin can be seen, and the depth of wrinkles is reduced, meanwhile skin gains freshness and youth.


The handle carries substance, enriched with active ingredients, is mixed with pure oxygen to microunits. These are applied to the skin at supersonic speeds in precise synchronization. System opens the upper skin layers and creates a gateway for a penetration of the skin by. After a few treatments, deposits are created that sustainably encourage cell division and skin regeneration.


1. Offer treatment programs adjusted for different skin types.
2. No downtime, no side effect.
3. Contact -free treatment without pain, avoid edema compare to traditional injection.
4. Short treatment time, pleasant massage feeling experience
5. Immediately result, long lasting effect.
6. Easy to use interface integrated four preset treatment modes
7. Safe: non-invasive, no treatment risk, no postoperative recovery.
8. Efficient: patented gas-liquid technology, nutrients can be sent directly to the dermis.
9. Absorption: nano-nutrients can be better absorption and utilization of skin cells.
10. Flexible: can be used for preoperative preparation, intraoperative treatment, and
postoperative care.

Before/After Discovery Results


Max pressure700kpa
Flow speed230m/s
Voltage110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Device size38cm*38cm*100cm
Net weight15kg


4 preset pattern: the higher the product concentration, the mode number should be larger
Max pressure700kpa
Flow speed230m/s
Voltage110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Device size38cm*38cm*100cm
Net weight15kg


1. Hyaluronic Acid+ Small molecule Botulinum toxin
Smooth wrinkles and crow’s feet, face lifting
2. Hyaluronic Acid +PRP
Skin moisturizing and smoothing, repair skin elasticity
3. Hyaluronic Acid +IPL/RF/Laser
Dilute pigment, skin rejuvenation, skin tighten
4. Hyaluronic Acid +VA+VE、VB5、VC
Anti-oxidation, smooth wrinkles, skin whitening, moisturizing etc.

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