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Like Tattoo Colors, Not all Lasers are Created Equal

Two key considerations when looking for laser tattoo removal are the colors used and how deep the ink is embedded. Not all laser have the wavelengths that can target the full spectrum of pigment colors. In fact, removing light blue and green pigments is notoriously difficult. PPS selects those products that can deliver the best possible outcome with the best possible experience.


The MediYag is the ideal technology for treating pigmentation on all skin types, as well as tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. Unlike IPL, this dual wavelength system performs safely and effectively on all skin types.

Eliminate Tattoos More Completely & Comfortably


The Discovery picosecond laser goes beyond conventional picosecond lasers by combining the highest power possible with more wavelengths and treatment modes. The Discovery can effectively treat all tattoo colors and do so precisely and evenly reducing the discomfort and recovery time often associated with tattoo removal. Of course, the number of treatments needed depends on each individual's case, but Discovery makes it possible to achieve optimum outcomes in fewer sessions.


EVO Q-Plus Series is the evolution of the industry favorite three wavelength laser for tattoo removal. Offering the fastest Ruby laser on the market firing at 3 Hz, and multiple emission modes to expand treatment possibilities beyond typical Q-switched devices.

Additional Features:

  • Cost effective ownership with no consumable costs: no sprays, no tips, no cards, no hassles!
  • Optional Twain IPL can be added to expand your treatment offerings even further
  • 360° rotating caster wheels with 3 operating positions that allow the system to be maneuvered in small spaces
  • Three possible system configurations with up to 3 laser sources + 6 filter IPL

Before / After Results

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