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The Benefits of a Mesotherapy Automated Injector

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    An automated injector allows those practices treating patients with various injectable materials (neurotoxins, fillers, prp, biostimulators, etc) to now deliver injectables with more precision, an even distribution, at an exact depth and standardized delivery. This means, patients may experience improved clinical outcomes, particularly while being treated with PRP, HA, Vitamin C, stem cells and more, for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration.

    Alice Pien, MD and Asher Milgrom, PhD sitting with various laser devices they use in their clinic.
    Alice Pien, MD and Asher Milgrom, PhD discuss why they love the MeDinjecT.

    Master injectors, however, have argued that in many cases, the single syringe will always be needed for more control and artistry, in precise delivery. However, chief scientist and medical director (Dr. Milgrom and Dr Pien) for the manufacturer of the MeDinjecT device state…

    MeDinjecT automated injector hand piece.

    “The MeDinjecT [automated injector] will not replace the need for single syringe delivery using fillers, however, for many other applications, the Medi-inject has the potential to transform the dermatologic industry.”

    The Hidden ROI of the MeDinjecT

    Unlike most capital equipment investments, making the decision to invest in new technology is a bit different when looking at an automated injector. Most premium automated injectors sell for $25,000, and may be found as low as $18,000. Inexpensively designed injectors, which are prone to leaking and clogging, sell for less than $10,000, but typically don’t last for more than a year, due to service issues.

    So, for as low as an $18,000 investment, how do providers realize a return on their investment? According to Dr. Milgrom…

    “Anesthesia is by far the biggest home run. Right now, every patient who has a laser treatment on their face receives topical numbing, and they marinate for up to a hour before they have their laser treatment. Whether it be Erbium, CO2 Fractional, Microneedling RF, Tattoo Removal, etc. That’s a hour of them sitting in your office. With the MeDinjecT, it’s 10 minutes, the patient is numb, and ready to be treated. If for no other reason, every aesthetic provider should own a MeDinjecT for this reason alone…not to mention all the other benefits in delivering injectables evenly and at an accurate depth.”

    Why MeDinjecT vs Competitor Devices

    One of the pitfalls of automated devices is service and sterility. Many of the competitive devices are prone to clogging, especially when utilizing materials with more viscosity. According to the main distributor of the MeDinjecT device, Private Practice Solutions’ ceo states…

    MeDinjecT automated injector device.

    “Patient safety was at the top of the list in evaluating an automated injector. The reason we decided to partner with the manufacturer of the MeDinjecT is because we want to deliver a product to our clients, which they will be confident in the performance, service and safety in utilizing it. We found that other devices may have been less costly, but were not the same quality, which is important to our clients, and their patients. The manufacturer of the MeDinjecT is a US based company with service locally, and responds to our clients’ needs immediately.”

    Does Your Aesthetic Practice Need an Automated Injector?

    On the business side, the MeDinjecT Automated Injector is one of the quickest return on investments of any device that we’ve brought to the marketplace.

    The reason being is hair restoration is just exploding right now and the delivery system for hair restoration is with the MeDinjecT.

    Private Practice Solutions will happily answer any of your questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective laser equipment possible so you can have satisfied customers.


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