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MediDiode – Laser Hair Removal in 20 Minutes or Less

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    Drumming up demand for laser hair reduction isn’t the biggest challenge. The 4th most popular non-invasive aesthetic treatment on the planet isn’t going away any time soon.

    MediDiode laser hair removal being performed on a patient's leg.
    The MediDiode laser hair removal device is a cutting-edge solution to one of the world's most common self-image problems.

    A provider’s real challenge is getting a high number of patients through their practice, safely, effectively… and comfortably. That’s a problem, because old technology is slow, more painful, and not as effective.

    The MediDiode Stands Apart

    Capable of emitting 1200W of laser energy at 10hz, the MediDiode laser hair removal device utilizes more than three times the frequency of standard hair removal lasers. This, combined with a chilled tip, ensures rapid and relatively painless treatment.

    Beyond The Surface – The MediDiode Hits the Target

    As anyone who has ever had an excess hair problem knows, shaving delays the problem – it doesn’t solve it. Effective hair reduction means hitting the problem at its source.

    The MediDiode utilizes a special 808 nm wavelength to heat up hair follicles to 40° C in seconds, without damaging the surrounding skin. This penetrating treatment destroys the hair follicle, making any further growth near-impossible. Existing hair strands undergoing this process are damaged to a degree that they fall out over the course of a few days. For most patients, these areas stay hair-free for good.

    This means safe, comfortable, effective hair reduction.

    Why The MediDiode?

    A 10hz frequency means more pulses outputted per second than nearly any other hair reduction laser. This allows top-in-class speed of operation with a standard-sized handpiece, perfect for nimble operation and long usage.

    The MediDiode is cleared for skin types I – V with a single handpiece, providing straightforward and flexible operation for a wide range of circumstances. Practitioners utilizing a MediDiode can expect more power. Fewer missed spots. Less of that “burned hair” smell.

    Private Practice Solutions will happily answer any of your questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective laser equipment possible so you can have satisfied customers.


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